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Environmental Solutions Group is an amalgamation of companies, whose mission is to develop solutions for the waste collection industry and greater transportation-reliant adjacencies.


Heil is the industry leader in garbage truck body design and specialized refuse body manufacturing. Since 1901, Heil has built a reputation for quality, durability and innovation in the solid waste industry.


For nearly two decades, the Curotto-Can has been innovating how residential trash and recyclables are collected across the country. Safety and productivity have been top priorities since the beginning. With the Curotto-Can automated garbage truck solution, drivers’ eyes are constantly focused forward, and unlike a traditional automated side loader, never have to look in the mirror to operate the arm. With productivity increases of up to 30% over a standard ASL, not cart lost in the hopper and no wasted time pulled over waiting on the hopper to clear, the Curotto-Can automated garbage truck is the most inexpensive way to collect residential trash without equal.


Bayne has been in the business for over 40 years and is proud of their reputation as a leader in the solid waste industry. Specializing in the design, manufacturing and assembly of hydraulic cart lifters in their state-of-the-art facility enables Bayne total control over providing you, the customer, with a quality, dependable product.


3rd Eye has developed the industry-leading truck camera systems and monitors, designed to withstand shock and vibrations up to 10G, repel water intrusion, salt and handle extreme temperatures. The 3rd Eye truck camera systems are available with recording capabilities through their built-in SD Card Monitors and stand-alone mobile DVR units. 3rd Eye Digital is the best fleet management tool to modify your drivers’ behavior, reduce accident costs and generate more revenue from your vehicles. It gives you unmatched awareness of what’s happening with your vehicles and drivers at all times. Drive top-line growth while improving operational efficiency.


Fleets face continued frustration around their ability to connect with their customers. Fleet owners need better tools to communicate with their drivers – to ensure customer needs are met – while also ensuring they are operating efficiently… and safely. Introducing Connected Collections™ from Environmental Solutions Group companies, Soft-Pak, Heil and 3rd Eye. Together, they’ve developed Connected Collections to help fleet owners make better decisions faster. While a Heil body connected to 3rd Eye and Soft-Pak will provide the most advanced stream of data and the most comprehensive list of options to better run your business – you can easily connect your non-Heil fleet as well.


Sourcewell Government Purchasing has awarded Heil a nationally bid contract for “Mobile Refuse Collection Vehicles with Related Equipment, Accessories and Services”. Through the Heil Contract, Sourcewell members can purchase any of the Heil line of garbage trucks, including automated carry cans from Curotto-Can, without having to create an RFP and send the project through a duplicate bid process. By using the existing nationally bid contract, members can receive the products they need more quickly and cost-effectively. Best of all, Sourcewell membership is free! Learn more about purchasing your Heil Garbage Trucks through Sourcewell by visiting their website.

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