Bodyworks Equipment Inc.

Bodyworks Equipment Inc. of Monrovia was started in 1995 by Jim Anderson, the former head of Heil’s, Southern California division. His goal was to be the premier provider of mobile refuse collection products and service to private firms and government agencies throughout Southern California.  Over the years, his sons, Nathan and T.J., have joined the management team, ensuring that the family-owned operation continues to provide the best service at a competitive price.

Under the Andersons’ leadership, Bodyworks has assembled a skilled and dedicated team of employees with decades of experience in the solid waste and heavy equipment business. We are passionate about serving our customers and put a high premium on training. Our employees are all Heil-certified.

Why choose us

  • Quick Turn-AroundOur goal is to get your vehicles serviced and back on the road as quickly as possible.
  • Best in ClassOur partners Heil Environmental and Big Truck Rentals are industry leaders in innovation, quality and service.
  • ExperiencedOur team has more than two decades of experience in the mobile refuse industry
  • TrustworthyWe have grown our business through referrals from satisfied customers.

Our approach

Quality service with a personal touch.

At Bodyworks, we work hard to help solve our customer’s problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. No problem is too big, or small, for our attention.

Our team

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