LowLift™ Hoist handles applications with low overhead clearance


Chattanooga, TN. (July 29, 2011) — The new LowLift™ cable hoist from Heil easily loads and unloads rolloff containers in areas with low overhead clearance and in half the time of conventional hoists. The LowLift features a hinged tail that serves as a loading platform, enabling easier and closer alignment with the container. This much lower loading height and container angle reduces clearance issues, enabling the LowLift to be used indoors and in areas with low overhead clearance. The LowLift loading technology also reduces the chance that a container will jump the rails during loading.

Like its siblings, the Heil DuaLift™ and KwikLift™ units, the LowLift’s faster cycle times and performance advantages are accomplished with a unique traveling carriage design. A single cable sheave is attached to the carriage, which travels the entire length of the hoist, powered by a seven-inch telescopic cylinder. Every foot of carriage travel develops two feet of cable movement, extending or retracting, causing rapid container movement. The result is increased power and speed throughout the operation of the hoist, and a 30-second loading and unloading time that is one-half that of traditional roll-off hoists. With the LowLift hoist in the horizontal position, the carriage can also push a container onto a dock or trailer enabling fast loading of pup trailers. At the disposal site, the heavy container is powered rearward before raising the LowLift hoist, eliminating the need for 75,000-pound lift cylinders.

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