Heil Alternative Fuel Program Sets The Bar For Integrated CNG Solutions

Chattanooga, TN. (March 26, 2012) — Heil Environmental’s approach to delivering integrated compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel systems for refuse collection vehicles is changing the way customers look at alternative fuel solutions. Heil has been building alternative fueling systems for their refuse collection vehicles for more than 10 years but recently discovered that customers weren’t always aware of their capabilities in this area. “We have a significant level of technical expertise with alternative fuels, but our customers didn’t really know that CNG was an area in which we excelled,” comments Randy Brown, vice president of sales and marketing. “As more customers come to us for alternative fuel solutions, word is spreading about the quality of our offering and our in-house capabilities, as well as our knowledge of how financing options can help a purchase.”

Choosing the right tank configuration for a CNG-powered unit can be intimidating. Because CNG requires roughly six times more storage volume than diesel fuel, Heil offers five different configurations to suit most applications. Based on the style of vehicle requested, Heil can recommend the proper configuration to address height, wheelbase, turning radius, weight distribution, and other operational requirements while providing maximum fuel storage capacity. They also take in account how the customer plans to refill their units with CNG after the purchase.

“At Heil, we recognize that a CNG fuel delivery system must integrate seamlessly not only with the chassis and the body, but also a customer’s dedicated CNG fueling station,” says Ken Beaver, director of innovation. “Whether it’s a refuse unit or a roll-off hoist, our approach is to provide customers with CNG fueled units that operate with the same productivity they would expect from a diesel unit, while providing the benefits associated with reduced fuel costs.”

Heil maintains a personalized approach to building their CNG fueling systems for quality control and effective integration. All CNG systems are designed and built by Heil engineers in-house at their production facility in Fort Payne, AL. “We pride ourselves on delivering quality to our customers and believe that building our own integrated systems in-house enables us to do just that,” comments Bob McMackins, vice president of operations. “We use only the best industry components for durability and reliable performance. This whole
approach helps ensure that the CNG solution integrates seamlessly with the body and chassis each customer selects and will last a long time.”

To minimize shipping costs and shorten delivery lead times, Heil has installed a dedicated CNG fueling station onsite at their Fort Payne facility. This enables each new Heil CNG refuse unit to be driven directly to the customer’s location, provided intermediate fueling stations are available en route. The station is also available to local community residents and businesses who operate CNG-fueled private and commercial vehicles. Whether customers are in the early stages of evaluation, or ready to make the leap forward to alternative fuels, Heil’s experts are ready to provide the guidance needed to help customers make the right decision for their business and obtain quality service for the life of the unit. “Just because someone can sell you a CNG system doesn’t mean they can support you properly after the purchase,” says Ken Beaver. “Our knowledgeable staff and experienced nationwide Dealer network is available to customers for the entire life of their CNG system.”

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Corporate Manager, Marketing Communications Environmental Solutions Group Heil Environmental, established in 1901, is the first ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer of refuse collection bodies in the United States. Heil is the industry leader in automated waste collection technology and offers the broadest product line, including front loaders, rear loaders, side loaders, multicompartment vehicles, and equipment for roll-off containers. OEM and aftermarket replacement parts are available through Parts Central. Heil is part of Environmental Solutions Group. Environmental Solutions Group encompasses industry-leading brands—Heil, DuaLlift, Marathon, NEXGEN, and Bayne—to create a premier, fully integrated equipment group serving the solid waste and recycling industry. Through extensive voice-of-customer outreach, in-house engineering and production manufacturing capabilities, a wide-reaching service network, and proven industry expertise, ESG is focused on solving customer problems through environmentally responsible products and providing world-class support. © 2011 Heil Environmental

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